Distance Advising involves the use various communication technologies to connect with and retain students whom advisors may never meet face-to-face.

I, Steven Starks, am a distance advisor and a nationally certified counselor who is passionate about higher education, counseling, and technology…as well as how they all come together in distance advising.

DistanceAdvising.com is a blog that primarily focuses on sharing information that may be useful to advisors, faculty, and student services professionals seeking to enhance their ability to effectively interact with online learners. In many ways, this blog is nothing more than a fun way for me to learn about the topics that interest me, share some cool stuff with others, and engage in conversation with people who share similar interests.  To that end, if you find the content of this blog to be helpful, interesting, or useful, please share it with others, contribute, or simply leave a comment. I invite you to connect with me on Linkedin!

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