How are career services being offered to online students? Some institutions are teaming up with organizations like CareerBuilder (click to view a course demo) and Optimal Resume to offer comprehensive career services that can be accessed via a career resource portal. From personalized career coaching to resume-writing workshops, students have access to a variety of services at their fingertips. Still, other institutions are partnering with employee assistance programs (EAP) to offer not only career coaching, but life coaching, mental health counseling, and financial consultation services to students.

Career services has also become increasingly critical for career colleges as market competition has increased dramatically, job search and employer recruiting has evolved with social media, and the federal government has placed a heavy emphasis on employment outcomes for career colleges.  It seems career colleges need to seek new ways to enhance their career services departments with new or additional services  and professional development training.

What do you think? How are your institutions offering these services to online students?

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Check out what one major institution is doing to connect students to employment opportunities using Education2Career, a career and job portal for its students.