Desktop sharing is an easy way to collaborate online because you can meet with people from around the world at one convenient location in real time – your desktop! Chances are if you work or go to school, you use a computer quite frequently. Online students usually do both, so it is important to open lines of communication with them in a convenient, time-effective way. Distance advisors can use desktop sharing to conduct group advising sessions, deliver presentations, or even provide remote assistance if necessary.

Many desktop sharing applications are completely free, easy to use, and run right from a browser, which means you don’t have to worry about downloading software. You can even chat with participants or conduct a conference call to communicate with viewers. Here are a few desktop sharing applications worth checking out – click the dropdown arrow for more information.

JOIN.ME has been branded as “a ridiculously simple screen sharing tool for meetings on the fly.” This really is the best way to explain it, which is why I had to quote their website. With one click, you can quickly get ready to share your desktop with others. You simply invite others to join by sending the code. You can have up to 250 viewers! Check out the video below:

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With Anymeeting, you can share your screen and then some. This free application requires you to create an account, but after that, you are ready to start a meeting. The application allows you to record your presentation, broadcast video, conduct polls, and host up to 200 participants. Anymeeting has a professional look to it, similar to its not-so-free counterparts (e.g. Adobe Connect, Cisco Webex). Check out the video:

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Mikogo requires you to download the program to your PC and offers desktop sharing for up to 10 viewers. This is an excellent option for anyone who wishes to use an application with a simple interface for small groups or individuals. It has some cool features like chat, a whiteboard, file-transfer, and profile customization capabilities to tailor Mikogo to particular use needs. Watch the videos for an overview of how the product works.

Start a session:

Joining a session:

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Everyone has heard of Skype by now. It is a very popular and useful product as it allows you to call people via the internet, chat, transfer files, make video calls, and share your desktop. The down side to using it is that some of these extras cost money and both parties have to download Skype to use it. Nevertheless, Skype is still worth a look:

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